Posted by: gracehyne | January 11, 2012

Holiday memories in pictures

Pictures tell a thousand words.

However, friends and family don’t often appreciate being forced through hour long slideshows of every morsel you ate, every sunset you saw, and every item you bought.

Jessica Mason, 22, loves a view that doesn’t need to be shared with those local to the Devon area:

Bolberry Downs, Soar Mill Cove

She says, “This is my most favourite walk and place to be in Devon when you need a bit of time out. Either a cold and horrid day with the dogs or a sunny Sunday with my favourite people. I have visited a few countries and beautiful places in this world but Devon just completes it. You could be anywhere in the world looking from this photo;  stunning.”

While some holiday pictures can only be treasured by the few who experienced it, the Guardian proves that perhaps a photograph’s ingenuity can capture the moment for many.

Check out their “Been there” photographs of 2011; from London, to Canada, Thailand to India, this competition proves that with either a seemingly mundane task of running through a sudden onslaught of rain or a spectacular hot air balloon landing amongst the sandy deserts in Egypt, there are moments that will truly live forever.

My favourite is this picture of a fisherman in Goa:

A moment caught at sunset

As always, keep dreaming of those holidays soon to come.


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