Posted by: gracehyne | December 28, 2011

Celebrity sightings and musical temptations

Famous talent (and otherwise) is not exclusive to L.A. and other celebrity-attracting cities; you don’t have to travel great distances to find live music you love.

Sleepy, small Devon towns have raised big musical talents.

For example, our extremely unknown and quirky Totnes has housed Ben Howard who cultivated a musical sound that has blown up throughout the UK. In an industry thirsting for talent, rather than the over-produced sounds and auto-tuned masses blasting over radios and headphones around the country, Howard has quietly and confidently emerged as a contender for real, and beautiful, music that has become a source of recognition and pride for Devon and its inhabitants.

Recently, my sister ran into him at our local deli, Red Earth Deli, in Kingsbridge and later spent the evening in the pub with his friends.

Moreoever, not only Devon but Cardiff is seen as a venue for up-and-coming artists to find their footing in an uncertain music industry. The Swn Festival has seen many artists garner acclaim for their talents, including the aforementioned Howard, as well as the equally fantastic Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Daughter, and Ffred Jones.

Cardiff stands as a grove of hidden talents to see and enjoy before they start headlining big-named festivals and begin charging substantially more for their obvious talent; isn’t the discovery of such people part of the fun?

Have you ever walked into a local pub or concert and loved a performer that soon became appreciated by the masses? Send me a comment.

If you’re interested (and a follower of reality tv shows, publicly or otherwise), here’s a little update that may excite you (if musical talent is not such a strong factor):

Salcombe, Devon, a tiny get-away country town for many living in the UK, attracted the Made in Chelsea, e4’s hit reality tv show, cast to its cosy seaside (and its pubs).

Local Sami Franklin and Jamie and Spencer from Made in Chelsea in Salcombe, Devon

And for those lovers of the 90’s and its secret musical code left uncracked by  other generations (its password: Zigga-zigg-ahh), Geri Halliwell is often a frequent visitor to Thurlestone (another seaside town) and the local (and only) club, Coast.


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