Posted by: gracehyne | December 7, 2011

Terminal hell

One huge downside to travelling? Not just the copious amount of time spent in an airplane (at least there’s in-flight entertainment) but the monotony of lay-overs.

Those hours on end of just waiting to get on another plane, wishing that you weren’t wasting hours, stuck in the same place and no closer to your destination.

However, there are a lot of terminals that provide food and entertainment to wile away those tedious hours.

Yet some airports haven’t seen the need to shell out those few extra pounds. You’re there to wait for that elusive flashing departing sign  and the phrase “a kettle won’t boil while you watch it” is completely lost on them.

Avoid terminals that provide a view of a runway as their only form of entertainment (Photo by Irish Jaunt)

Frommer’s Travel has kindly mapped out the terminals to avoid, no matter what the cost. As one who was forced to spend eight excruciating hours in the Newark airport in New York, with no food (not even a vending machine) or entertainment, I am well aware that a terminal makes a difference to your travelling experience.

Check out Frommer’s Travel article on the 10 worst airport terminals and see their opinion on the ones that could provide an unlikely architectural wonder to see.

What was your worst experience in an airport terminal? Was it the staff, the area, the lack of facilities? Send your emails through.

Until then, keep your eyes on the destination.



  1. At Kuala Lumpar’s airport, there’s a walkthrough jungle. It’s a plastic jungle (with a waterfall) that takes a minute to walk through, but it looks quite realistic in places, and people take photos of themselves inside.

    I think terminals are pretty fun, just as long as you have an MP3 player. I like walking around, if I’m killing time. And you can always sit in a cafe, looking at the planes flying past. It’s better than at Starbucks when you might not even be able to get a seat, and your view is of rainy London and maybe a miniscule plane far off in the sky.

    Terminals also provide closure. You wouldn’t like stepping off a plane into your living room, then having to step into the kitchen to collect your baggage.

  2. Hey girlfran! Cool blog + I wish you many adventure-filled travels! Yes, I’m very familiar with Europe (even though we’re only as familiar with something as we think we are) – where would you like to go??


  3. At the moment, I seriously want to go to Asia and South America but honestly, just travelling somewhere hot/sunny/exciting would make me incredibly happy! Europe isn’t known for its good weather. Going anywhere soon?

  4. I’ve just written a post about my experience at Dhaka Airport where I had a 9 hour stop-over. Definitely one to avoid if possible. Suvarnabumi terminal in Bangkok is one of my favorites and don’t mind being stuck there for a while.

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