Posted by: gracehyne | November 30, 2011

Around the world

The sky’s the limit.

Transportation is expensive. Even when driving to and from work or school, much of our hard earned money is sucked out through the nozzles of the nearest petrol station.

Lonely Planet recently wrote a piece on the many ways one could travel around the world; from walking, to cycling, air ballooning it, soaring in a Lear jet with National Geographic, using a boat fueled by fat lipo-suctioned from your own body (no, I’m not kidding) to a solar powered car. They showed how there are countless ways to enjoy the act of travelling besides a plane.

The vast expanse of words from the article in this wordle highlights the eclectic and quirky, not to mention economically friendly, ways you can explore the world.

My personal favourite is “It’s on the Meter” blog where 3 British friends set off on the adventure of a lifetime, travelling from London to Sydney in a classic black London cab, nicknamed Hannah, raising money for the British Red Cross.

Johno, Leigh and Paul’s journey began on 17 February 2011 travelling via Europe, the Middle East, India, China and South East Asia and have earned themselves a World Record for the longest taxi ride, racking up a £54,000 cab fare.

They are hoping to earn the British Red Cross £20,000 through online donations and will have crossed three continents, 41 countries and 10 time zones by the end.

See for yourself:

And all this was thought up on a night out. Who says drinking isn’t productive?


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